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King Upper School Complex

This anticipated NET ZERO project includes the construction of 273,000 SF Junior Kindergarden-5th grade Program, an Upper School Program, Community School, and Afterschool resources. The Program also includes the Valente Library and the Gold Star Pool Building. Two cisterns are designed with the capacity to collect enough water to offset the plumbing fixture draw. In addition to Net Zero Emissions a number of energy efficiency technologies were incorporated. The building is designed to use 43% less energy than a typical Massachusetts school that just meets the energy code and 70% less than the average school in the United States. The project is targeting an 87% Energy reduction with the PV array meeting 34% of the projected energy needs for the building. Nearly 3,600 photovoltaic panels on the building will produce renewable energy to offset the building’s energy use. Occupant comfort and health are also incorporated into the design through daylighting, material selections, and visual connections with the outdoors.


Photo Credit: Arrowstreet

SSC is certified as a State of Massachusetts Women Business Enterprise.
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