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About SSC

conservation and Innovation
are our guiding principles

Our approach is deeply rooted in years of experience finding sustainable solutions.

  • History

    SSC was formally established in January 2012. Colleen Soden previously directed the Technical Services Consulting Group at Green Roundtable. When the Green Roundtable (GRT) chose to redirect its mission to the Sustainable Performance Institute. The organization allowed Soden Sustainability to take over the current contracts. We have continued the organization's mission to mainstream green building.

  • Mission

    SSC’s overarching goal is to protect natural resources and public health by radically transforming standard building practices in planning, design, and policy implementation so that green is the mainstream. Our work is targeted to steadily advance the state of the art until all infrastructure, buildings, and communities are designed, constructed, and managed sustainably. We impact over 50 building projects each year and transform policies around the country. SSC’s mission is to elevate the collective knowledge of sustainable strategies for each team member and building occupants. Subsequent projects with the same team thus require less education and consulting until SSC is able to move into an on-call coaching role.

  • Approach

    SSC helps building owners, developers, and design team members identify and evaluate sustainable strategies for new construction and renovation projects. We work with tenants, owners, and managers of existing property to: identify green operational changes; consult in property acquisition; develop green contracts, leases, and operational policies; match missions with green operations; assist with rating system certification, and provide education and outreach for stakeholders, surrounding community, and building occupants.

Colleen Soden

Colleen has over 20 years’ experience in the sustainability sectors of planning, architecture and landscape architecture. Her project experience encompasses large-scale, mixed-use urban developments, office buildings, multifamily housing, retail, institutional, and healthcare facilities. Colleen’s previous work in the public, private, and nonprofit sectors has provided the rounded perspective that assists in her current green consulting work.  Colleen had championed dozens of LEED and beyond projects, with a focus on energy and natural resource conservation. Colleen’s educational experience includes years of delivering LEED and Sustainability trainings nationally in addition to numerous national conference appearances.  With a professional degree in Architecture and a concentration sustainable design, Colleen began her journey championing sustainable development in Monteverde, Costa Rica in 1998.  Colleen lives in Winchester, Massachusetts with her husband and two children.
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Patricia Burke
Sustainability Consultant

Patricia brings over 10 years of experience working in the sustainability field in both the public and private sectors. She has overseen numerous LEED Certification projects, developed sustainability policy and worked on programs to foster water and clean energy research and innovation in Massachusetts. As a senior sustainability consultant, Patricia provides technical assistance to development projects aspiring to implement green strategies and/or pursue LEED certification. Patricia managed projects in both the Strategic Analysis and Water Innovation teams of the Innovation & Industry Support Division at the Massachusetts Clean Energy Center. She has worked in the Technical Assistance department at the Green Roundtable on LEED projects, education and training. As a consultant to the City of Boston's Department of Neighborhood Development, Patricia was part of the small team that developed and implemented the city's first Green Affordable Housing Program.

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